ALE during COVID

2020 is a whirlwind. Unfortunate events came flying all over us. Many of our plans moved, shifted or even ceased. None of us have had this coming and we are now in a limbo of some sort. (Maybe at least one aspect in our lives)

Okay so as an architecture apprentice/intern, this year might have a hiccup to our plans of either having the architecture board examination or halt the plans of taking the review. Some interns may have to continue their internship because of the shift of plans. Some interns might actually continue to work just to help support their family. Some even unfortunately lost their jobs. There are many different scenarios that came about because of COVID. To sum it up the current situation in one way is bleak to most people. You are fortunate if the sudden situation didn’t cause a major change in your life. But to a lot of people it is devastating to say the least. Some may even go the point of asking whether to continue or not. Asking relevant life questions that could alter and shift their lives in 360.

Instead of us dwelling on questions.. Here are some practical options we can consider


You could either stop or go. There are a lot of reasons you could consider whether or not to stop or continue your internship. But with our current situation, choosing to continue might be a good choice. Considering that there are a lot of people losing their jobs. It is also even harder to get a new one now. Thus we must be grateful if we still have one.


If you’ve been reviewing for the past months and is literally really sick of it, then I’m sorry to tell you this, but keep reviewing. Since the board examination moved then that means you have more time to study hence more chances of passing and attaining a good score. This is just part of the process. Cliché as this sound but here.. “Try to find the light in the tunnel”.

For those who haven’t started, maybe you could consider starting early? Whether it is with a review center or self-review. If your current circumstance allows you to then it will be more beneficial for you.


Learn more from various resources. Check out youtube videos that are fun and informative there are a lot of great channels. I will post a list of some soon


It might be hard to do this especially during this time. But this is something we should do once in a while. It is great for our overall health. Well mental health.. Try to gravitate to the things that allow us to be happy and be present in the moment. Reading books, watch Netflix or Youtube, playing an instrument, planting in the garden, and the list goes on.  Find activities that spark joy.

Hang on!

We’ll get there.


1st blog post..?

I guess I’m really doing this..

Okay. I honestly didn’t see myself trying out blogging. But I think I need to channel out some things. I believe I’ve always been interested in architecture. Not just because I took up Architecture as an undergraduate degree. But it has always fascinated me with how you can make spaces and structures to real life.

I have my fair share of love and hate relationship with Architecture. It is way too complex and vast that even finishing college for 5 years isn’t enough. After college, you’d go through internship which takes about 2 years. And again it’s not enough. As what most people practicing in the industry would say, you should never stop learning. There is just way too much new information, new technologies, new approaches and it is constantly adapting. One might say practicing architecture will make you a lifelong student. Others would also say architects more often than not are jack of all trades. Hence we must continue to learn.

The Archi Room.

The archi room is a place where we could learn about architecture together.